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For running

Run like the wind and opt for lightweight, synthetic and mesh Nike Reax 5. Experience great cushioning and comfort the moment you slip your feet in. Shoes provide phenomenal support with orthopedic insoles inside.

Highlight: Versatile, even looks good paired with jeans or capris.

Go for breathable, durable and quality shoes to  get to your running goal and opt for GEL-ENhance Ultra 3 BCA running shoes. Support Breast Cancer research and get these comfortable shoes in pretty pink color.

Highlight:  Get full arch support when you go on a light or medium run.

Surpass your current running record and get Skechers Flex Appeal Next Generation Memory Foam running shoes. Go running, feel the comfy memory foam and get ready for lots of compliments.

Highlight: Great price shoes, lightweight and provides good support.

Hit the running track in style, get the perfect running shoes and get Puma Tazon 6 SoftFoam running shoes. Make your feet feel great again, get past your running goal and run an extra mile with Puma Tazon.

Highlight: Go for sleek and stylish shoes that are comfortable and flexible for running.


Venture out, get good looking shoes and own the trail.


For Hardcore trail running

Impress, go on your best trail running, and go for exceptional value shoes with Asics GEL-Scram 3 Trail running shoes. Run with confidence, feel comfortable and make these your new favorite trail running shoes.

Highlight: Comfortable trail running shoes to get your trail on.

Be determined to tear the trail and get  lightweight and comfortable Nike Dual Fusion Trail 2 Trail running shoes.

Highlight: Go on your longest trail with no more

feet pain and get great arch support.

Treat your feet, go for breathable and great fitting shoe with New Balance 690 V1 trail running shoes. These shoes help make the  trail all yours, prepare to be the leader, and feel stylish.

Highlight: Breathable and great fitting to be a leader in trail running.

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4 Ways An Econtract Can Help Improve Your Merchant Chargeback Protection

All merchant accounts are prone to chargeback claims by customers. Sometimes the claims are valid, while in most cases, clients raise illegitimate complaints. If you don’t take preventive measures, your business may run losses refunding invalid chargebacks. However, an econtract can help improve your security in the following ways.

  1. Should identify the Credit Card in use

An econtract should determine the payment method in use. Notably, it should state the type of card i.e. MasterCard, AmEx, Visa, Discover, plus its expiration date and the last four digits. Identifying the card without necessarily disclosing a cardholder’s sensitive data helps you to reduce the chances of losing chargeback claims by unauthorized card credits.

  1. Verifies that buyer received the econtract

In solving a chargeback dispute, proving that a customer received a copy of the econtract requires more than just your copy of the contract. Econtract provides a solution by listing the client’s IP address, email address and electronic signature (with precise date and time) during the transaction. This data is useful when dealing with a dissatisfied customer who claims to have received no copy of a receipt or econtract.

  1. Give complete details of the Refund Policy

Many companies prefer to mention their return policy on their business websites and forget to mention it in their contracts. Regrettably, this is never sufficient when fighting chargebacks as customers often complain of inadequate information concerning the business’ refund policy. Listing your refund policy data on the econtract will boost you merchant chargeback protection from buyers who often win disputes by circumventing the drawbacks of a company’s policy.

  1. Give specific details of the Purchase

Econtracts should list with details the exact price of service or product, taxes, recurring charges, and any other associated costs. If possible, visibly outline the facts so that consumers can easily understand what they are purchasing or paying for. Also, the credit card issuer should clearly comprehend the specifics of the purchase when going through the econtract in the event of a dispute. Giving details proves useful when customers misremember the price of a particular service or good and claim an overcharge.

The issuing bank often favors customers when solving chargeback disputes. If you are looking to protect your business from invalid claims by clients, econtracts is one way to ensure all the specifics of a transaction are listed.

Tips To Consider While Buying Sports Apparels

Sports apparels in the recent times have witnessed a lot of changes in stark contrast with the athletic outfits which have been used long back. These are more sophisticated and stylish, keeping in mind that people today are super-conscious about the clothes that they wear. When it comes to sports outfits, they have become choosier. This is as much as due to fashion as for practical reasons. When you are buying apparel wholesale from clothing distributors, you should consider four important factors. This will help you to choose the best athletic outfits for yourself. These key factors have been fully endorsed by the Chip Wilson, founder of reputed apparel manufacturing company that make exclusive apparels for sports men and women and other athletes.

 According to the experts the following guidelines can be very handy while choosing the sports apparels,

Quality: You should place a high consideration on the quality factor. Regardless of the kind of sporting activity that you intend to participate in, you will need very high quality outfits in order to make sure that you are able to give an optimal performance. With outfits constructed of superior quality material from famous outfit manufacturers, you will not have to worry about chafing your sensitive body parts or having the dresses torn apart in a few days.

Comfort: Irrespective of which apparel manufacturer you are purchasing from, it is essential for you to consider the comfort factor a lot. You will be able to find fabrics of a wide range from distributors of sporting apparels. A variety of fabrics are used to create excellent sporting dresses with the help of the latest technology that you can get. When you are purchasing outfits for sporting purposes, comfort is the primary factor that you need to consider.

High Durability- A Prime Factor

Durability: You will hardly want to buy a new sporting outfit after a few days or just after some months. With a low quality dress material, you can always be sure that you will need to purchase another set before long and fork out more money sooner than later. You should always buy high quality dresses constructed of strong material which can last for a long time and survive the wear and tear of everyday sporting activities and not be damaged easily.

Price: While going to purchase these types of clothes, you should give a lot of importance to the cost factor. Athletic dresses are available in a variety of prices and you need to purchase comfortable, durable and superior quality athletic dresses at the lowest prices. With sporting apparel wholesale, you can purchase branded clothes at low wholesale costs. You can place a bulk order to obtain such rates. In order to further lower your costs you should look for seasonal offers and discounts. By doing some careful choices at stores and doing some price comparison, you can get items at lower costs and get clothes at a good deal. From online stores, you can get a cheaper margin than a lot of land-based stores which can offer such clothes at attractive rates.