3 Things That Make an Attractive Roller Banner Design

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Roller banners are a traditional form of advertising but still many companies make use of them. They are considered effective as they can get people’s attention. However, getting attention takes some time. You can’t force people to stop and take a closer look at a banner. There must be something in it that will make people more curious.

This is why you have to take a lot of time dealing with the banner design. In fact, you should come up with more than one design and let everyone else in your team help you decide as well. They might have some ideas to spruce up the overall design and make it more appealing.


This is the first element that will make people more curious about a banner. They will appreciate it more if there is something that pops. Whether it is a pop up banner, roll up banner or an outdoor banner, it will be standing next to other banners. It means you want it to stand out. You don’t want people to just pass by it or glance at it without looking at the details. With the right colour combination, it is easier to make them feel more enticed to read everything that you have included in the banner.


Of course, you can’t put a lot of words in a banner. It would be boring. Such text should be reserved for your website or any other printed marketing materials like leaflets and brochures. The banner needs to have limited words and a good image. The name and tag line of the company should be the only words to be seen on the banner unless you also want to include the link to your website and social media accounts. The images have to be attractive enough that even from afar people will stop and come closer. The images should also invoke emotions; making people even more curious.


There should be something unique about the banner that will make people laugh. Ask a tough question. Use a funny tag line. Bring back old memories. Try being witty with your roller banner design so people will be interested. If it is the same old banner that they have already seen in the past, it will be difficult to make them feel interested.

It is tough advertising using banners, especially if there are a lot of other competitors doing the same thing. It is worse if you have the same niche. However, with the right banner and attitude towards designing your banners, you can surely capture the attention of many people in no time.


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