Company Cleaning Service after Lease Contract

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Office cleaning is an ultra-competitive sector: many companies share the market. If your business lease contract has been expired, you need to clean your business place. You can use end of lease cleaning melbourne service to clean your business place. Discover the 5 criteria that will help you choose a business to maintain your professional premises.

Criterion 1 – Geographic proximity

The more the cleaning company is located near your offices, warehouses or workshops, minus the transport costs of agents are important. However, if these costs are borne by the maintenance company, they are reflected on your estimate. So, to avoid seeing your bill climb, it is essential to choose a company that is not based too far from your professional premises.

Criterion 2 – Techniques, equipment and human resources

How many people will the team be responsible for cleaning your premises? What type of equipment will be used? Does the maintenance company use environmentally- friendly cleaning products or specific techniques?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to make sure that the company with which you are considering collaboration has at its disposal the means necessary to carry out the cleaning service.

Criterion 3 – References and notoriety

Does the cleaning company work with companies that are similar in profile to yours? Does it have a good reputation on the Internet?

To find out the “e-reputation” of a maintenance company, do a Google search by putting the name of the company in quotes and adding, if necessary, the location. If customer testimonials, positive or negative, have been published, they should be visible on the first pages of result.

Criterion 4 – Labels and certifications

Does the maintenance company you want have the Qualified label? From a European eco-label? Does it use NF Environment products?

If there are companies that are not labeled and yet reliable and efficient, Qualipropre, in particular, is a simple way of ensuring that the cleaning company meets a qualitative specification.

Criterion 5 – Price

Price is obviously the main choice criterion for many customers. To compare the prices charged by cleaning companies, you can fill out our Request for Quotation form for maintenance of professional premises. You will be able to receive free of charge and within 48 hours the commercial proposals of our authorized suppliers. End of lease cleaning is low price service in this case.


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