Logistics – The Importance of Teamwork

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Teams are made up of a variety of employees, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and their own personality traits. Each employee brings their own experience and skills that they have picked up throughout their career and life outside of the work environment. An employee who has encountered problems in the past may struggle to fully embrace the concept of working as a team. However, diversity brings great opportunities for enhancement and offers a melting pot of ability and expertise that should be examined and fully utilised. Give your team your full support and help them to reach their full potential.

A Case Study – Teamwork at EC Sports Ltd.

EC Sports Ltd manufacture tennis and badminton racquets and are a multi-channel company, supplying products to both individual buyers and (more frequently) to trade. The business has recently expanded and products are now been exported via European pallet delivery. This has put pressure on the employees within the warehouse and while they are pleased that the company is growing, they are also concerned about the heavy workload, and issues have been highlighted about constraints that are affecting performance.

How to Instil Successful Teamwork

Teamwork is the foundation for forming an effective and efficient business and EC Sports Ltd need to focus on improving teamwork within the warehouse team.

The first task is to clarify the common goals- are all team members working towards achieving the same thing? Expectations should be set out clearly and the mission of the team should be understood, agreed and adhered to. The team should be comfortable with one another and adept at communicating, this means that employees should feel able to speak up if they have an opinion regarding ways of working. Employees should respect one another’s views and be encouraged to ask questions. Every employee needs to feel part of the group in terms of decision making and reaching targets. Each one is unique, bringing their own wisdom and wealth of experience, employees should be respectful of one another and welcome the opportunity to learn from one another.

Teamwork, like other processes and procedures is open to continuous improvement. The management team at EC Sports Ltd should support the warehouse team by ensuring that the basic guidelines laid out above are in place. A procedure can be put in place for encouraging the discussion of teamwork issues, whereby employees work together to iron out differences and identify problems e.g. The warehouse team may feel the packing area is too small to accommodate the increased flow of products, now that the company is committed to European pallet delivery. If this is the case they should feel able to openly discuss the issues surrounding this and work together to resolve the problem.


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