Shipping of parcels

Shipping of parcels

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Ship your packages abroad cheaply and safely with our guide. How to select cheap shipping offers for parcel to USA? Which providers to choose and in which case to choose? How is the responsibility for document production shared?

1. What does parcel transport mean?

The use of parcel services, courier or freight transport depends on what you need to send. The transport of parcels is characterized by the sending of parcels of dimensions and particular weights.

2. Which provider to choose?

Each transport company has its strengths that will guide your choice according to your needs. Transport companies can be classified into 5 categories:

1: International courier and delivery services, e.g. UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT
2: Postal services, e.g. Denmark Post Danmark and PostNord
3: Regional delivery services , e.g. GLS, Bring, 3 × 34
4: Truckers local
5:The transport unorganized package

International courier and delivery services have an extremely efficient network that covers almost the entire world. They systematically offer the location of your packages. These are large structures in which work is standardized and automated, to the detriment of flexibility. For shipping abroad, these companies are often the most interesting because they offer home-to-home delivery and take care of formalities for customs clearance of your goods at departure and arrival.

3. The different services offered when you ship parcels abroad.

When you send parcels abroad through a courier and delivery service, you have the choice between several delivery times. We will offer you at least a quick delivery time, with a delivery in a few days, and a slower and more economical formula where it will take 7 to 10 days.

Whatever the chosen service, parcels transit through the same transport network. The only difference is the priority mentioned on parcels in express service at the beginning of the circuit, a bit like the baggage of customers in business class airlines. Priority parcels leave first and are processed first when sorting and delivering.

4. Find the best price for the transport of your parcels

The gap between standard and negotiated prices can be significant, especially with courier and delivery services. If your needs do not exceed 100 shipments per year, it will often be unnecessary to negotiate prices.
Instead of paying the standard prices, you will have every interest in using a forwarder, which you will find on this portal. The prices of our partners are clearly presented and easy to compare and you can place your order online.

If you need an express service, compare express and economical delivery prices. On certain destinations and for certain sizes of packages, the difference is sometimes very small, sometimes multiplied by 3 or 4. Consult and compare on our portal the price of formulas and delivery times.

On our portal, the waybill and all additional costs are always included in the price indicated. If the freight forwarder does not offer to provide you with the waybill, Transporteca will create it for you and send it to you at no cost. If you need to send parcels from abroad, check the updated prices here.

5. Practical arrangements after booking the transport of parcels

After placing your transport order, one element should catch your eye:
The consignment note

In principle the consignment note is in the form of a label or a sticker to affix on the package. This letter contains information about the sender like and the recipient, the method of shipping chosen like parcel to Spain service and in principle a reference used to track your packages. By reserving on our portal, you automatically receive by mail a link to your waybill that you just need to print and paste on your packages.



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