Top SEO Strategies to Follow in 2018

Top SEO Strategies to Follow in 2018

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As the year is approaching an end, it’s time to work on your new year resolutions. Whatever be your goals, it’s always wise to plan ahead. And if one of those plans of yours relates to improving your SEO strategies, then this article is for you.

Things change quickly over the internet. It’s hard to keep your pace with those latest advancements if you fail to incorporate modern SEO developments into your online existence. Whether it’s a personal blog or a business site, you want visitors to stay longer on your page. Recently, Google algorithm has put more of its focus on the end users and their overall browsing experience.

Some of the most used SEO strategies in the year 2017 were infographics, video marketing, and link building. But do not limit yourself to just these or else, you can forget the benefits offered by other effective methods.

Here, we will highlight the top 5 SEO strategies that you must follow in 2018 (or start from now) to gain a competitive advantage and boost your SERPs.

  1. Voice Search

It’s generally easier to talk than type. More and more internet users are resorting to the web using spoken commands. The year 2018 is likely to see an exponential growth in these numbers. Your next year’s SEO content strategy must include new keyword phrases with a better conversational tone. Voice search is a time saving and effortless search option. It is anticipated to change local search that involves online shopping experience too.

  1. Fast Loading Mobile Pages

Nobody wants to stick to a page that takes too long to load. This is why Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which enables mobile browsers to load pages four times faster and using 10 times lesser data. Google ranks websites using AMP in its top results on each SERP. Any link you click will load blazingly fast which in turn will reduce the bounce rates, hence leading to higher conversion rates and boosting up your website up the Google charts.

  1. Content, content, and content!

The evergreen SEO strategy is to produce content that contains valuable information. Using the target keywords to create high quality and original content will form your strong brand presence all around the web. Google algorithm reads your text,      indexes it, and the places it accordingly in the search engine results. Therefore, the better and consistent your content is, the more it will be reachable to online users.

  1. Increase in Visualization

A picture says more than a thousand words. In 2018, follow this as a part of your SEO strategy. Including videos in your content and on your page is an effective way to get visitors onto and stay at your website. Research proves that users are more inclined towards rich visuals and elements that they can engage with. This is evident in the videos that go viral on social media having thousand and millions of likes and shares in a matter of few days only.

  1. Your Brand’s Presence

Smart-phone users keep a plethora of apps on their phones. Gone are those days when you thought being present on any one of the social media platforms is enough to get you visitors and customers. Today it is, the more, the better. The year 2018 is all about strengthening your brand presence. When your brand is listed in top-rated SERPs, you will likely have more consumers buy your product/service.


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