The interior carpentry is best suited for 16 gauge finish nails and is used for installing chair rail; baseboard, crown molding, door casing and these nails come with an angle that makes it convenient to reach tighter spaces.

How to choose ideal nail?

  • Make sure that nails are rust resistant.
  • The nails should be all weather proof.
  • The nails should be able to withstand high moisture and salty conditions that are prevalent near to sea side.
  • The nails should be able to be used in outdoor applications, and that is the best advantage with 16 gauge finish nails.

Advantages of finish nails

  • The nail head are small making it an extra advantage to be used in wooden trim as wooden trim would not break. The chisel point is less making sure that wood never gets split into two and that can reduce cost of construction. This surely would be considered as a plus point for construction contractor as an end of product a cost would be less.
  • The small head nails are used in keeping two or more wooden pieces together and these can be used in interior designing and this would benefit the overall aesthetic of the house.
  • Smaller nail holes make it easy to use in all applications that require less wood to be used in refilling and smaller holes also would leave a lasting impression to interior beauty.
  • The fewer misfires and jams make sure that the work is competed faster and turnaround time is less. That means the contractor can finish work and move on to new project and return on investment is higher.
  • Finish nailer are more versatile when compared with brad nails and 16 gauge finish nails is no exception. The attachment directly to drywall comes with finish nails when compared with Brad nails.
  • The nail is used based on the holding power, and more holding power is needed, it is better to go for finish nails.

16 gauge finish nailer

This is a carpentry device that is used to connect products using nails, and it can perform the work of Brad nail as well as making it as a versatile tool. This is used to drive the nail into wood and metal and making it convenient for a variety of construction works. The cutters that are fit on the end of the nails would not get split, and that is another advantage.

The noise level is small, and this finish nailer can be used to safely remove the nail quickly. The exhausts are 360 degrees making it easier for easy control of exhaust. The work would be complete faster, and the results are usually impressive, and contractors can have a high chance of getting repeat works when using this nails.

The work light and belt hook make it an easy to use a tool and the only disadvantage of this tool is that it is slightly costly to use. Tight angles can be easily undertaken by this finisher.


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