4 Ways An Econtract Can Help Improve Your Merchant Chargeback Protection

All merchant accounts are prone to chargeback claims by customers. Sometimes the claims are valid, while in most cases, clients raise illegitimate complaints. If you don’t take preventive measures, your business may run losses refunding invalid chargebacks. However, an econtract can help improve your security in the following ways.

  1. Should identify the Credit Card in use

An econtract should determine the payment method in use. Notably, it should state the type of card i.e. MasterCard, AmEx, Visa, Discover, plus its expiration date and the last four digits. Identifying the card without necessarily disclosing a cardholder’s sensitive data helps you to reduce the chances of losing chargeback claims by unauthorized card credits.

  1. Verifies that buyer received the econtract

In solving a chargeback dispute, proving that a customer received a copy of the econtract requires more than just your copy of the contract. Econtract provides a solution by listing the client’s IP address, email address and electronic signature (with precise date and time) during the transaction. This data is useful when dealing with a dissatisfied customer who claims to have received no copy of a receipt or econtract.

  1. Give complete details of the Refund Policy

Many companies prefer to mention their return policy on their business websites and forget to mention it in their contracts. Regrettably, this is never sufficient when fighting chargebacks as customers often complain of inadequate information concerning the business’ refund policy. Listing your refund policy data on the econtract will boost you merchant chargeback protection from buyers who often win disputes by circumventing the drawbacks of a company’s policy.

  1. Give specific details of the Purchase

Econtracts should list with details the exact price of service or product, taxes, recurring charges, and any other associated costs. If possible, visibly outline the facts so that consumers can easily understand what they are purchasing or paying for. Also, the credit card issuer should clearly comprehend the specifics of the purchase when going through the econtract in the event of a dispute. Giving details proves useful when customers misremember the price of a particular service or good and claim an overcharge.

The issuing bank often favors customers when solving chargeback disputes. If you are looking to protect your business from invalid claims by clients, econtracts is one way to ensure all the specifics of a transaction are listed.

What Are The Best Party Theme Ideas?

Whatever the occasion, when planning a party it is important to construct your event around a main party theme. By choosing the right party theme idea, you can manage to transform your event from ordinary to unforgettable and from plain to stunning. So, if you want to ensure a festive and fun experience for yourself and your guests, make sure to choose a fun theme that adds individuality and distinctiveness to your party. Here are some really creative and fun party theme ideas that you can consider when planning a party for your upcoming event:

When looking for party theme ideas, you should know that there are many exciting ideas that you can consider. What works for you could differ from what works for someone else. The best idea for you is often something that is the perfect reflection of your personal style or your personality. If there is a theme that you really like, chances are that you will get excited about it and will try to put your heart into building a memorable party.

With that said, this does not necessarily mean that your theme must be something elaborate. It could be as simple as your favourite flower or season. Make sure to choose a theme that can associate or relate to all other aspects of your party, such as invitations, decorations, menu, music, and other important details. Therefore, the sooner you pick a theme, the easier and more convenient it will be to plan the other details.

Also, make sure to pick the right colours for your party theme. You can select one or two colours or a combination of several different colours, in order to best highlight your theme. You may also extend it to your welcome banners and decorations, such as balloons, flowers and confetti. Bear in mind the fact that the most exciting, yet affordable themed party ideas often emerge from creative use of different shades and colours.

If you are planning to throw a party for kids, you should know that kids love costume theme parties. Little girls like princess theme parties and those parties where they can dress up like Barbie dolls. At the same time, young boys always feel excited to play the role of superheroes from comic books, cartoons and movies.

Adults normally like theme parties that focus on the 60s, 70s, and 80s. A theme inspired by some Hollywood movies or actors can add a significant amount of glamour and attraction to your party. Many people wish to live their fantasies out by acting like celebrities and walking down the red carpet. You may even be able to convince them to sing songs and perform acts from famous movie scenes. All you really have to do is to bring out the karaoke machine and projector, and then give out some microphones.

If you are looking to purchase party costumes in Calgary, make sure to check out different stores online. Create a list of reputable stores and then visit their websites to see their collections and prices. This should help you find the ideal online store from which to purchase your costumes in Calgary.


Everything You Need To Know About Employment Standards in Canada

The labour force in Canada is governed by some of the strictest laws in the world. The right to vacation pay, safe practices and equal treatment are only some of the rights that workers are entitled to in this country. Each province in Canada has its own set of rules and regulations that protect the rights of its workers. These rights are mentioned in a piece of legislation known as the Employment Standards Act.

The purpose of employment standards in BC is to clearly set out the various rights of employees and point out the rules that employers should follow in their workplaces. Most employers and employees fall under the same employment standards. But, federally-regulated jobs like those at banks, post offices and others operate under federal labour laws.

The employment standards in BC include a wide list of items and subjects. These include some minimum requirements for employers, among numerous other things. Moreover, some other specific items under the ESA include work hours, family medical leave, meal breaks and equal pay for an equal amount of work. However, providing health benefits at work are not necessarily a requirement under this legislation, depending on what the situation is.

Payment of Wages:

All employers are required to follow a regular pay period for all their employees. Except for vacation pay, an employer should pay all the wages earned in each pay period on or before the employee’s regular payday. These types of wages can be paid to the employee in the form of a cheque, cash or direct deposit into the employee’s bank account.

Minimum Wage:

Minimum wage is the lowest possible wage that an employer has to pay to an employee for work done. Minimum wage in Canada hovers around 10 dollars per hour. The minimum wage in BC is $10.85 per hour. Similarly, the minimum wage for a liquor server is $9.60 per hour.

Hours of Work:

This section is somewhat complex and contains numerous provisions. For instance, an employer cannot force or even allow an employee to work hours that are harmful to their health or safety. Also, if an employee works more than 40 hours in a week, they must be paid time-and-a-half after 40 hours. Also, the employment standards in BC state that an employee must have at least 32 continuous hours free from work during each week.


Employees are entitled to two weeks of vacation time per year, once they have worked a full twelve months, and they have to be payed at least 4 percent of their annual wages for that vacation period, unless they’ve been employed for more than five years, at which time, they are entitled to at least six percent of their annual wages.

Statutory Holidays:

These employment standards also include details about public holidays in British Columbia. There are ten of these holidays observed in BC, including: Good Friday, New Years Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labour Day, Remembrance Day Christmas Day, and more.

Thus, these employment standards contain a comprehensive set of laws that outline the labour rights of people who work in British Columbia. However, providing health benefits at work are not necessarily a requirement, so make sure to be aware of this, especially if these benefits are very important to you.