Features of Quality Field Service Software Programs

Features of Quality Field Service Software Programs

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Modern service companies, regardless of type, benefit significantly with the help of professional field service management software. Service departments large and small understand that without a dedicated software program to handle all the required details found on the typical service ticket, their job would become nearly unmanageable.

The need to simplify and reduce the duplication so often found within different areas of a busy service department screamed for a solution for years. Inventory management, parts management, service dispatch, and keeping expenses under control became the main topic of discussion for the average service department. A solution to the high cost and disorganization of service finally appeared.

Thankfully, software that handles virtually every tedious service paperwork task made its way to nearly every service desk or service department. The need for more organization grew exponentially over many years, and the software is the product of extensive research and development combined with technology to bring a valuable tool to all service departments and service centers. Let’s look at some of the features that streamline even the busiest service departments.

Service Dispatch
Without technicians in the field taking care of business efficiently, profits dwindle, and expenses increase. Dispatching technicians was at one time, confusing at best. Too often, dispatchers didn’t know the entire geographical area, which added more delays to the start of the day.

Efficient dispatch duties involve sending a qualified technician to the job with any special tools that might be required. Also, dispatch should route technicians in such a way that creates the least amount of travel time. Too much travel time increases expenses and upsets customers due to missed time windows, not to mention the pressure that a late arrival puts on a technician.

Route Optimization
Service dispatch and route optimization work together to create a reasonable route with minimal travel time and the opportunity for maximum productivity. Technicians strive for efficiency, and they appreciate the respect given them when they have tight geographical routes that keep them efficient and on time. Dispatch and route optimization is at the heart of a quality field service program.

Other features of a quality service program include job tracking and GPS, which only a few years ago did not exist. Today’s GPS does an excellent job, and in the mobile or tablet version of most service programs, these features come integrated within the applications, with no additional software needed. Time management tied together with GPS provides upper management with a clear picture of the daily production and the ability to update routes in real time if needed. Make sure to click this to learn more about a favorite built-in feature of many field service programs.

Work Orders

With updated software and easy-to-navigate user interfaces, it’s evident that the software designers focused on making the work orders sensible and easy to learn with a small learning curve. Also, speed is vital when completing work orders. A technician needn’t suffer delays because of slow and bloated software.

Cloud Management

Most, if not all, field service programs available today offer cloud management options. The ability to instantly upload work orders and all other information to the cloud is the latest technology, simplifying the reporting aspect of the software.

In addition to cloud management, the majority of field service management programs integrate with external accounting and invoice programs. From inventory management to invoicing to tracking expenses, accounting software working together with the service software ensures that every step of the service experience is smooth and seamless. Customers and technicians alike appreciate the ease and trouble-free performance that a professional quality service program provides.



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