How do Platform Lifts work?

How do Platform Lifts work?

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A platform lift is ideal if you’re looking to enhance mobility within public or private buildings. Although the main benefit of a platform lift is to add mobility, it can also improve safety and eliminate the risk of injury, allowing wheelchair users and disabled passengers to access various levels.

Platform lifts are used to prevent a lack of accessibility, ensuring that there is no difficulty transporting people and goods between floor levels. The access lifts are perfect for wheelchair users who need to get from one place to the next. They tend to be found in schools, hospitals, open-floor plan offices and occasionally homes.

Level Access Lifts is home to an array of disability lifts, each of which has been designed with some of the most diverse needs in mind. Their lifts offer safe mobility which makes no compromise to efficiency, so no matter how much weight you need to transfer from one floor to the next- you can bet that they have just the solution!

How do they work?

Each system has its own unique set of advantages, hence why it’s essential that you choose access lifts that function reliably. Generally, the modern access lifts are controlled electronically and signals are sent between the levels to allow movement.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what makes a vertical platform lift go up and down, you needn’t look any further than Level Lifts! Trying to get your head around how the platform lifts ascend and descend is not easy; here’s how they work (but in layman’s terms):

Hydraulic Drive.

Vertical Platform Lifts are attached to a hydraulic ram which is used to move the lift. As hydraulic fluid is pushed through a pump from the central reservoir, it enters the ram, allowing the lift to travel vertically.

As the pressure increases on the ram, it extends and causes the lift to raise upwards. In order to descend, the process is reversed and the lift lowers safely yet efficiently.

The hydraulic power is often seen to be the driving force behind access lifts and guarantees smooth operation.

Screw and Nut Drive.

For some of the Goods Lifts, the screw and nut drive systemsare used to enhance functionality. Running throughout the shaft of the lift, a steel screw pole can be found. The motor on the platform is used to drive the nut in one direction to provide vertical transportation upwards whilst the reverse turning direction will result in the lift lowering.

A supporting wall may be required if the lift is to travel longer distances, this will essentially stabilise the lift and ensure that it transfers products and passengers safely. Routine lubrication will also allow you to maximise the operation of your disability lifts, ensuring that it functions effectively.

Encapsulated Chain Drive.

Another way that the disability lifts work is the encapsulated chain drive systems. The chains are encased in highly durable plastic (polyurethane) which guides the lift, making sure that there is minimal slipping.

The chains are situated on either side of the platform, bearing the weight evenly and it’s when these chains are pushed or pulled that the lift will start to move. Fixed to the top of the shaft is a motor and gearbox. As the motor rotates, the lift will begin to lower or rise, depending on the intended function (i.e. which button has been pushed).

User Controlled.

Any of the Wheelchair Lifts supplied by Level Access Lifts are designed to offer a convenient solution for transportation within multi-storey buildings. To provide disabled customers/passengers with a sense of independence, the wheelchair lifts are controlled by the wheelchair user, allowing them to have equal opportunities.

The wheelchair lifts are designed to enable the user to direct the drive mast, essentially putting them in complete control. By the simple push of a button, wheelchair users can access desired heights and levels that they wouldn’t have been able to- without negotiating stairs!

As with any of the platform lifts from Level Lifts, the wheelchair lifts are guaranteed to keep passengers safe and can prevent any damage to machinery.

If you need to know more about the wheelchair lifts from Level Lifts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them today; they will be more than willing to help you to find a lift that works for you and your business.


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