Protecting your property with Time and Attendance Systems

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When looking to install time recorders to your business, you should take into consideration the wide variety available from UK Time Solutions. From their extensive collection, you’ll find the clocking in machine along with the fingerprint door lock, allowing you to choose something that accommodates your business needs perfectly.

Choosing which time and attendance systems are right for your business needn’t be difficult; UK Time Solutions can provide you with any advice or guidance that you require so don’t hesitate to discuss your needs in further detail with them today!

In order to choose the most suitable system, there are several factors that you will need to take into consideration, including the following:

Fingerprint door locks.

A  fingerprint door lock is guaranteed to suit the requirements of almost any industry, enabling you to secure your premises and to eliminate intrusions. The fingerprint door lock is considered to be one of the simplest time and attendance systems on the market; all you need to do is place your finger on the scanner until your fingerprint is scanned, matched and verified.

If you’re looking for a convenient alternative, you cannot beat the fingerprint door lock! With this door lock, you needn’t worry about having to carry a bunch of keys around with you.

Clocking in machines.

Who’s to say that you cannot manage the punctuality of your employees? Using the clocking in machine, supplied by UK Time Solutions, you can monitor which employees are on-time, which are late, and which are yet to arrive.

Like any of the  time recorders  provided by UK Time Solutions, the clocking in machine makes the most of modern technology, offering an advanced, innovative solution for recording time.

Usually, the clocking in machine can assist the HR department with the payroll system, ensuring that it’s accurate and reliable.

Time recorders.

Time recorders are one of the most reliable methods for keeping track of time, as well as this, they are exactly what you need if you want the payroll to be fair. From UK Time Solutions, you’ll discover the time recorder ink ribbons  which creates an accurate print, ultimately maximising reliability.

Time recorders make a simple yet effective addition to almost any environment, offering a suitable solution for keeping track of time and monitoring efficiency of employees- have you got yours?

Time and attendance systems.

When it comes to installing the time and attendance systems,  you can rest assured that the systems from UK Time Solutions are quick and easy, requiring little to no downtime. Each of the systems is designed to operate smoothly and efficiently, suiting your business needs.

Whether you’re looking for a face recognition system, hand scanner, smart card or fingerprint scanner, you can bet UK Time Solutions supply it!No matter which of the time and attendance systems you require, they can all monitor overtime, ensuring that employees are paid fairly.

Should you need to know any more about the clocking in machines available at UK Time Solutions, be sure to get in touch with the team of experts today!


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