Switching to E-Cigarettes

Switching to E-Cigarettes

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Smoking –  A habit that can often be incredibly difficult to shake off, but with the help of our E-Cigarettes, we may just have the solution for you!

Here at Cloudstix, we understand that the hand to the mouth action is often a habit that any smoker finds incredibly difficult to stop, which is why our E-Cigarettes are an ideal alternative to kick your smoking habit into touch. Admittedly, E-Cigarettes are not a healthy substitute for smoking, however, they do have several advantages over regular smoking, so why not consider the following?


With the E-Cigarettes that we supply, here at Cloudstix, you needn’t worry about being exposed to too much nicotine because they are all safe to use.

Choosing electronic cigarettes will not only improve your health and well-being but those around you too. Passive smoking is something that we all associate with regular smoking, so when it comes to vaping, you can rest assured that there is no second-hand smoking, meaning it’s less harmful!


The electronic cigarettes are considered to be a safer alternative to smoking, they require no combustion and are less than a fire hazard, meaning you can eliminate the severity of potential risks.

As a leading supplier of E-Cigarettes, Cloudstix makes sure that they are all tested to ensure that they meet safety guidelines before they can be purchased. Check out our Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits here!


Whether it be a certain size or flavour, our E-Cigarettes are exactly what you need if you want to customise your vaping experience. Unlike tobacco, our electronic cigarettes are not restricted, we supply them in an array of flavours, consider yourself spoilt for choice!


Needless to say, that the introduction of the smoking ban was looked upon by several frowned faces. The ban prohibited smoking inside buildings meaning smokers would have to go outdoors if they wanted to smoke, even in the pouring rain!

Smokers who aren’t a fan of the cold or rain will appreciate that our E-Cigarettes provide an opportunity for you to vape indoors. As well as this, the electronic cigarettes eliminate the need to cut a conversation short to go for a “cig break”, allowing you to socialise more.


Nobody likes smelling like the bottom of an ashtray, do they? Our E-Cigarettes allow you to adopt the same hand to mouth action but enable you to avoid the nasty smell of smoke lingering on your clothes.

The smell of the E-Cigarettes is dependent on the flavour you choose, however, no matter which you decide to choose from our extensive collection, you can bet the scent will be a pleasant one.


With an improved taste, our E-Cigarettes are guaranteed to help you to rediscover your senses that had been numbed by tobacco.

Why not choose one of our E-Cigarettes to restore normality? Often smoking too many cigarettes a day will leave your taste buds bland and you’ll become accustomed to it, however, slowly yet surely, you’ll notice that your taste buds will kick in, enabling you to taste more flavours.


Smoking is an expensive habit to have- the sooner you quit… the better!

Here at Cloudstix, we supply the E-Cigarettes to not only improve your health but to save you money too. We compare the cost of vaping with the cost of smoking tobacco, our results showed that tobacco is at least 6 times more expensive, why not find out for yourself here?

Our E-Cigarettes are reusable and incorporate refillable E-Liquids, meaning that they are a cost-efficient investment to make that can have a wide range of benefits for your health.

To find out more about why you should consider switching to E-Cigarettes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Cloudstix, call us on 0345 257 6544 today!



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